Wearing Braces at Any Age

May 1 • 1 minute read


Crooked teeth can still be turned into a beautiful smile by using dental braces. An ideal time for this treatment is age 10 and above. But braces can already be placed once a child’s permanent teeth have been fully grown. When people think of braces, they often associate them with teenagers. However, a rising number of adults are also getting braces.

Have a Proper Evaluation by a Your Rancho Cucamonga CA Dentist:

One of the essential things that a dentist has to check is your bite. Your bite is how your top and bottom teeth meet. This is as vital as the straightness of your teeth. Most people consider that braces are for aesthetic purposes only. But it’s more than just having great teeth. A dentist assesses a lot of things when you go for an examination. Your dentist will check your jaw. Do they click or hurt? Do you have large gaps? Are your teeth straight so that they meet properly? Do you still have your baby teeth? Do you have trouble speaking? And are your teeth and gums healthy?

 There’s No Age Limit For Wearing Braces: 

As long as you have healthy teeth and gums, you can benefit from straightening your teeth. Note that what’s important is the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw bones. If your gums are no longer healthy, or you have bone loss, you may not be qualified for orthodontic braces. This is because the pressure on your gums can lead to unfavorable complications. 

Why Do People Get Braces in Adulthood?

Dental care has evolved rapidly over the years. Over time, some people may have wanted to improve their smile, but weren’t sure where to start. As adults, they want to correct their bite or enhance their teeth. Some adults may have worn braces in their childhood or teenage years, but they didn't wear retainers. It caused their teeth to move and got crooked again. Others may have more complicated cases.

Your Rancho Cucamonga CA Dentists are concerned about your teeth functions as much as they are with helping you look great. Because what good is having straight teeth, if you can't speak or chew properly? So, there is no age limit for having braces. You just need to have your teeth examined by a professional dentist.

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