Rebuilding Smiles with Dental Implants in Rancho Cucamonga and Hesperia

Close up portrait of a laughing older manWhile missing teeth can hinder natural beauty, prolonged gaps in your smile can also take a toll on oral health. At Family Specialty Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Lim and his dedicated team provide comprehensive care to rebuild your smile with dental implants and restorations. Since 1995, we have helped countless individuals and family members achieve an improved overall well-being through restored smiles. We have the treatment techniques, technology, and skill to help you!

We welcome the opportunity to replace your teeth, renew dental function, and preserve oral health with dental implants. Contact us at our Rancho Cucamonga or Hesperia locations today for your implant consultation!


Why Is Replacing Missing Teeth Necessary?

Smiling senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the dental office and looking at the mirrorMany individuals do not realize even one missing tooth can compromise their dental, oral, and overall health. For teeth to remain functional and the jawbone strong and full, constant stimulation from the tooth roots is needed. When teeth go unreplaced, it creates an almost domino-like effect, impacting everything from neighboring teeth and gum tissue to your bite, digestion, and natural facial features.

Unfortunately, the repercussions of tooth loss do not always end there. Interrupted chewing can lead to malnutrition. Not being able to speak or smile properly can also have significant impact on self-confidence and overall quality of life.

When you choose to rebuild your smile with dental implants, missing teeth as well as their tooth roots are restored permanently. This also means your oral health, dental function, aesthetics, and overall wellness is restored.

What Dental Implant Services Do You Offer?

At Family Specialty Dentistry, we provide a wide range of implant treatments as well as preliminary procedures that may be needed. We work closely with a trusted local oral surgeon who can perform these procedures at both our Rancho Cucamonga and Hesperia locations.

We proudly provide the following dental implant solutions:

  • Crowns to replace a single missing tooth using one dental implant
  • Bridges to restore several missing teeth in a row using two or more implants
  • Partial Dentures to replace multiple missing teeth
  • Complete Dentures designed to restore an entire smile
  • All-On-4® and immediate denture systems that use four or more dental implants to replace all lost teeth

Available Treatments Before Implant Placement

There certain conditions that can impact dental and oral health, and therefore may require tooth removal. Severely damaged, decayed, or infected teeth that could not be treated with root canal therapy may need  extraction. Teeth that have been missing for a long time could lead to bone loss and will require bone grafts before moving forward with implants.

Other treatment before implant placement may also be necessary if there is simply not enough room in the lower or upper jaws to hold dental implants.

For any of the situations listed above, we can provide the following:

Bone Grafts: The purpose of this procedure is to add bone mass to your jaw. Bone material is needed and added into the jaw by our oral surgeon to help build up your jawbone volume, so it can hold dental implants properly.

Extractions: Teeth that are damaged, severely infected, or decayed often require removal. We perform gentle tooth extractions for wisdom teeth, and for complex cases, our oral surgeon removes teeth with precision and skill.

Sinus Lifts: If there is bone loss, the sinus area will need to be adapted to make room for a bone graft. Our oral surgeon helps create more space between your sinuses and the upper jaw by adding bone material from your hip or artificial source.

What Are Dental Implants Exactly?

Dental implant - 3d renderingDental implants are titanium posts that serve as artificial tooth roots once surgically placed into your jawbone. Because dental implants can fuse with natural tissue and bone, they are the only tooth replacement solution that becomes a permanent part of your jawbone.

There are three different parts of a dental implant. These include the implant post, the abutment, which connects the implant post to your restoration, and the attached prosthetic, which will be a custom crown, bridge, or denture.

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

If you are an adult in good oral and overall health, chances are good that you will make a great candidate for dental implants. As stated previously, your jawbone must be strong and healthy enough to hold implants successfully. We recommend a commitment to practicing good oral hygiene every day and night, as well as visiting either our Rancho Cucamonga or Hesperia locations for preventive care.

Dental implants are not recommended for individuals with certain autoimmune conditions or those with severe smoking habits. We also never recommend implant treatment for children or teens.

What Does Dental Implant Treatment Involve?

The entire implant treatment process typically takes several visits over several weeks or months. When receiving dental implant care with us, you can often expect the following:

A Consultation: As with any treatment or procedure we offer, we always begin with a detailed consultation. This includes an open and honest discussion between you and our dentists. During this time, we encourage you to ask questions, share your concerns, and tell us what goals you have for your smile. From there, we take a series of digital x-rays to help us evaluate the underlying health of your teeth, gums, roots, and jaws.

An Oral Health Exam: During your exam, we use digital images and intraoral cameras to evaluate your dental and oral health in real time. These cameras allow our team to help educate you as well as show you our findings along the way. The purpose of your exam is to ensure your smile is free of disease and to determine if your jawbone is healthy enough to receive implants.

Implant Placement: With the use of innovative dental implant technologies, our oral surgeon places your implants with precision and skill. During this procedure, we carefully insert your dental implants based on the specific needs of your treatment.

Healing: Time is needed to make sure your implants properly fuse to your jaw and your gums have healed. Typically, healing time can last three to six months.

Attaching Your Restoration: Once proper healing and fusion are complete, we invite you back to the office to attach your custom restoration. Depending on your needs, your restoration will either be a crown, bridge, or denture prosthetic.

Do Dental Implant Need Special Care?

Surprisingly, no! Once you have healed from your treatment, your new teeth do not require any special care. This means you can treat your implants just as you would your natural, healthy teeth. A diligent oral hygiene routine, nutritious diet, and professional cleanings and exams every six months are all that is needed to properly care for your new smile. With care, your implant can last a lifetime!

Will My Implants Ever Become Damaged?

Dental implants are extremely durable, with success rates of over 95%. As long has your jaw is healthy, your implants should never need surgery or any other treatments to fix. However, your final restoration can be damaged. We can repair or replace failing implant-supported restorations easily.

Restore Your Smile Like New Today!

At Family Specialty Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Lim and our team believe your smile is too important to not be at its optimal health, function, and beauty. We are dedicated to helping you achieve complete smile restoration with dental implants. Contact us to schedule your consultation at our Rancho Cucamonga or Hesperia location today!



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