Crowns & Bridges in Rancho Cucamonga & Hesperia to Revitalize Your Smile

close up of woman smilingAt Family Specialty Dentistry, Dr. Andrew Lim and our team provide dental crowns and bridges of the highest quality. We understand that teeth can suffer damage, wear, or infection, even with diligent oral hygiene and care. If you are experiencing any of these issues, we can provide you with durable and lasting solutions.

Our crown and bridge restorations are designed to renew dental function and health while maintaining your smile’s natural beauty. Dr. Lim’s use of trusted treatment techniques, technology, and prime materials means we are your one-stop-shop for complete smile restoration. We proudly provide top-quality crowns and bridges, with two convenient office locations in Rancho Cucamonga and Hesperia. Contact Family Specialty Dentistry to get started today!


What are Dental Crowns?

illustration of dental crownDental crowns are restorations to repair and protect individual teeth damaged by decay or trauma. A crown covers a tooth down to the gumline to preserve its structure and safeguard the inner tissues from bacteria. Dr. Lim and our team offer dental crowns custom made to your smile and preferences. We use a wide range of reliable materials to provide you with the best results possible.

How Can Crowns Help Me?

Dental crowns are versatile, making them a highly reliable and beneficial treatment option. These restorations can be used as a stand-alone service or in combination with various treatments.

With our dental crowns, Dr. Lim can:

  • Repair chips and cracks
  • Treat a large cavity or severe decay
  • Strengthen a badly worn tooth
  • Reshape small-looking or misshapen teeth
  • Protect a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Complete a dental implant
  • Correct deep discoloration

What is The Crown Process?

dental x-ray on tabletDental crown treatment typically takes two appointments to complete. Your first visit involves a detailed discussion regarding your needs, goals, and expectations. Dr. Lim will also perform a full exam and take a series of digital x-rays. If a crown is the best option for your needs, our team will gently shape and prepare your tooth for impressions.

We send all impressions and information to a trusted lab in the area that can craft your custom crown in as little as 10 – 14 days. Our dentist will place a temporary restoration during this time, which you wear until your new crown is ready. Once your crown is ready, we invite you back to our office to place your restoration. At this time, Dr. Lim can make any adjustments needed to ensure your crown fits comfortably and looks natural.

What are Dental Bridges?

illustration of dental bridgeBridges are dental restorations consisting of two or more crowns to replace several teeth missing in a row. They are designed to fill in the space between natural teeth and those lost. Traditional bridges use neighboring teeth on either side of the gap as anchors for your prosthetic. Another option is to have your bridge supported by dental implants.

At Family Specialty Dentistry, we proudly offer personalized bridges to replace several missing teeth at once and restore your smile like new. If you need a natural-looking and long-lasting solution to tooth loss, our team can help you discover the best solution for your budget and lifestyle.

Why Choose A Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges offer many benefits beyond replacing missing teeth. They are versatile and effective in various circumstances, including:

  • Restoring comfortable biting and chewing
  • Improving speech
  • Preventing surrounding teeth from shifting out of place
  • Helping preserve natural facial features
  • Promoting proper digestion
  • Boosting self-confidence

The Dental Bridge Process Explained

Receiving a dental bridge is similar to the crown process. The teeth that will support the bridge are prepared by removing a small amount of enamel. After creating impressions of your teeth and sending them to the lab, Dr. Lim places temporary restorations. At your second appointment, our dentist will attach your new custom bridge and make any necessary adjustments.

Materials to Meet Various Needs

female patient measuring her teeth color in dental officeAt Family Specialty Dentistry, we provide quality solutions designed to meet your needs and budget. Our crowns and bridges are made from top of the line, tooth-colored porcelain and composite. These materials are known for their ability to mimic natural enamel while providing durable protection.

While porcelain and composite are aesthetically pleasing, we understand that not everyone can afford these materials for their restorations. Dr. Lim provides many materials to choose from, working closely with you to ensure you have the best treatment options possible.

Exceptional Crowns & Bridges in Rancho Cucamonga & Hesperia

At Family Specialty Dentistry, we do all we can to protect your dental health and overall well-being. We take great pride in offering top-quality crowns and bridges personalized to meet your goals and budget. If you have missing or damaged teeth, contact our Rancho Cucamonga or Hesperia office to schedule an appointment today!



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