Tooth Extractions

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Having a tooth extracted is a common procedure when going to the dentist.  When such a case arises, you will want to know explore every option, but due to certain issues, an extraction is necessary. 
Reasons for Tooth Extraction
Tooth has severe decay
Tooth is fractured
Tooth has severe periodontal disease
External root resorption
Impacted tooth
The Process
Before the tooth is extracted, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic, so it is necessary that you have someone available to take you home after the procedure. The area surrounding the tooth will now be numb and as a result your dentist may now begin the extraction of the tooth. The tooth is rocked back and forth, which may result in the patient feeling a bit of pressure on the tooth and the surrounding area. 
In some cases, the tooth might need to be cut into smaller pieces in order to properly remove it. This can occur because it is firmly anchored in the root, or because the root is curved and that prevents the tooth from being taken out as a whole. 
After the Extraction
After the tooth has been pulled from the root, a blood-clot needs to be established in order for the post-bleeding to stop and for the healing process to begin. Gauze will be placed on the extraction spot and held in place for around half an hour. If the bleeding persists, a fresh piece of gauze should be applied and held in place for another half hour and the process is to be repeated until the blood flow stops. A helpful tip, a caffeinated tea bag can be used like gauze to help with the development of a blood-clot. 
Avoid the following for 72 hours after the procedure:
Rinsing vigorously 
Using a straw
Alcoholic beverages
Brushing teeth near the extraction location
Vigorous exercise that causes increased blood flow
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